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UiPath Infrastructure Setup Demo Course

RPA is a hot field with companies being aware of its scope and potential. Among the several RPA tools in the market, UiPath is one of the leading tool. There are many UiPath developers but there are very limited RPA developers with infrastructure knowledge. Many organizations looking for RPA engineers who can setup an end to end UiPath platform for any new projects.

Keeping this is mind, I have published a new course at Udemy which covers all the granular details of setting up the UiPath platform. Click on the below link to follow this course,

This course provides a demo of end to end UiPath Platform v2020 setup that includes Orchestrator, Robots, Robot Provisions, and all the other prerequisites. You can practice the demo by yourself by setting up the lab environment without any cost.

At end of this course you will learn the following with hands-on experience,

  • Completely understand the UiPath Architecture

  • Describe the Orchestrator Eco system architecture

  • Determine the infrastructure setup of Orchestrator (Hardware and Software)

  • Know all the prerequisite tools required for Orchestrator installation

  • Able to download and install all the all the prerequisite tools

  • Downloading the UiPath Enterprise trail version

  • Setup practice lab environment at zero cost

  • Determine the deployment options and required configuration of Orchestrator installation

  • Install Orchestrator end to end

  • Install Robot

  • Apply license to Orchestrator

  • Provision the Robot to Orchestrator

  • Able to query and analysis UiPath Database

  • Prepare checklist for UiPath platform deployments.

and along with this take a practice test at each section for your strong understanding.

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