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RPA Training and Mock Interview

Why Robotic Process Automation(RPA) ?

Robotic automation helps businesses improve their overall productivity. With RPA organisations can put its human resources to a much better and efficient use, which will eventually result in increased productivity. Also, RPA takes less processing time. The time taken by RPA to process data and do other rule-based and calculations work is less than 1/4th of what a human resource would take.

Why Should You Learn RPA ?

According to Gartner, the RPA market will reach $1 billion by end of 2020. By that time, 40 percent of large enterprises will have adopted an RPA software tool as compared to today’s share of enterprises which is less that 10 percent Read less. There are plenty of opportunities for RPA Business Analyst, Developer, Engineer, Tester and etc. 

My Aim is to Provide comprehensive training with RPA and help you/your team to gain confidence with RPA and equip you/your team to Meet the Market Demands.

Our training involves the following highlights, 

  • Real-time projects and use cases in Robotic process automation to enhance your knowledge in the latest updates in the RPA tools

  • Standard curriculum with industry standards covering all key topics

  • Provide the infrastructure set up solutions for the hands on experience 

  • Conducting mock interviews and providing all the possible interview questions

  • Offering crash courses for those who need a quick training.

What tools we teach?

I teach infrastructure setup demo, Development, Deployment and etc. 

  • UiPath 

  • RPA Mock Interview and Feedback

Whom we can teach?

​I can teach any one who is interested in learning RPA, especially below audiences,

  • IT professionals who plan to move to the RPA carrier 

  • Freshers/College Students who are interested to start their carrier with RPA

RPA mock interviews?

Are you preparing for RPA interview and required assistance to evaluate your preparation ?

As myself being an interviewer, I can conduct mock interview for you and provide feedback. Additionally I can offer, 

  • Real time interview questions 

  • Suggestions on how provide answers to the critical questions

  • Feedback on you interview performance and tips to improvise

Schedule  a mock interview and Contact Me for RPA training. 

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