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Automation vs Covid-19

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As the entire world going through a rough phase because of the ongoing pandemic, apart from loosing lives we also witnessing the economic down line.

Many industries from small scale to the large scale facing a huge challenge in running the day to day operations. Several industries of various business verticals were forced to lock down or to settle for work from home.

As we know, every organization has a business continuity plan (BCP) which can help to some extent to sustain the business operations. But I believe industries those who have invested in robotic automation would really reap benefits on this on-going crisis. Below I have listed down few of the points which could help to continue the business operations successfully when there is robotic automation in place.

Your day to day operations continue without any disruptions: When you have automation in place, your day to day mundane tasks that are automated will continue to operate using unattended automation. This type of BOTS does't require any human intervention to complete a task unlike attended automation. Also, from a technical perspective, a team of small support engineers who are connected remotely should be more than enough for monitoring the BOTS in case if they run into any issues. A good example for this would be the banking sectors, where they have plenty of daily operations that have to carried out regularly.

You can stretch the BOT working hours: Unlike humans, BOTS can work 24/7 or unless your IT applications goes down for a batch run or a time out. So currently if you are using the BOTS for 12 hours a day you can easily add-on few more hours of operations to overcome if any lags or peaks. Also you can utilize the bots to run on demand, allocate jobs based on the current business need, re-allocate jobs to a different bot and many more to meet the business demand.

Design small to medium level processes on demand: Also leading RPA tools are very user friendly which helps to design solutions in a quick time. So if you want certain tasks to be automated in a short period of time, of course, its very much possible. Any small to medium process can be built in anytime between 3 to 8 days.

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